Train Like A Fighter, Think Like A Champion

AGT Prepares You for the Fight of Life By Training You Like a Fighter.

Unleash your inner fighter.
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Not just a workout

Mind & Body Through The Sweet Science

Unleash your inner fighter. We provide not just a workout, but an experience that trains your body and conditions your mind to prepare you for the fight of life. Build grit and determination, leaving you empowered to fight for anything you want in life.

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Train Different - become your strongest self mentally and physically

Alexander Garcia Training differentiates itself by giving you much more than a boxing-inspired workout , it aims to give you the tools needed to become your strongest self mentally and physically.

By training like a fighter, you will find yourself capable of achieving anything you put your mind to which includes getting in the best physical shape possible.

Alex is hands down the best boxing coach in the city. He Is also one of the most positive people I’ve ever met.
Luke L.
New York, NY
I'm more shredded than I've ever been in my entire life. Thank you so much, Alex! I highly recommend this guy.
Mikayla s.
Long Island, NY
Where do I begin? I guess with my newly found six-pack! I'm pushed to the limit each time I train with Alex... and I love it.
Jared P.
The Bronx
Meet Alex

Alex Garcia

Alexander Garcia is a professional boxing coach and former NY Golden Gloves & Junior Olympic Champion. Through incorporating the very training techniques he used as a lifelong competitive boxer, Alexander aims to give his clients an unbeatable mind and body; a mental toughness that allows for extra-ordinary success in and outside of the gym and a body that is strong, conditioned, durable, and lean.